ANOTEC 0307 25 litre  200 Liitre 1000 Litre IBC 

ANOTEC PRO5L 25 litre  200 litre 1000 Litre IBC

ANOTEC Enzyme Tank and soil Cleaner 25 Litre 200 1000 Litre IBC

Anotec Hand  sanitiser for engineers convienient porta hand sqeeze bottle .  

Fogging Sanitiser Sprays  25, 200 , 1000 L


New Fresh Disinfectant 5 L. Contains Ethanol And Benzalkonium Chloride

Hand and Bench Sanitiser 5 L

Sanitising Floor cleaner 5 L

Sanitising fruit and vegetable cleaner 5L

0307 Odour Disinfectant 5 L

3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Technical grade 6% Bleach

Glycerine 100%



Stainless Steeel Cleaner 


Gen  ranges households PACKS 

spray and wipe 5 litre

disinfectant 5 litre

window glass 5 litre

floor cleaner 5 litre


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