Floor Care

pH neutral cleaner for day-to-day cleaning of timber floors

FLOOR CLEANER is a water-based pH-neutral cleaner with a concentrated formula, specifically formulated and developed for daily cleaning and routine maintenance of all floors.
FLOOR CLEANER is a product that contains no wax or other agents that would otherwise leave residues, and which would cause issue later.
FLOOR CLEANER, leaves a fresh, pleasant clean fragrance.

• Very Versatile ~ Quick easy application
• Easily mixed in warm water
• Effective against dirt
• Needs no rinsing.
• Does not leave surface residues or patina
• Leaves behind a pleasant clean fragrance

1.Before proceeding to wash the surface, it is advisable to clean away any surface residues, such as dust, debris and coarse dirt, using a broom or a vacuum cleaner. This product is concentrated. Dilute one capful of product in 5 litres of clean warm water to a maximum of 200 ml 10 litres.

  1. Wash the surface with mop and bucket. The product leaves no residues. Can be rinsed away.
  2. After washing the surface, wait for it to dry naturally.
  3. Once the surface is dry, no further waiting time is necessary.

Aspect: Transparent liquid
Colour :Clear water white
Odour : Lemon Vanilla
pH: 7.0 ± 0.5
Specific Gravity at 20°C 995 ± 5 g/l
STORAGE : Keep the container tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place
SHELF LIFE 36 months in the original, sealed packaging, stored in a cool, dry place.