Bitumen Odour control

Malodours most perceived are hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan. Thiol is another compound present but in smaller concentrations. From information available to Anotec. We estimate the levels be present at 10ppm and 8 ppm for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans respectively. Identification of the emission from the bitumen tank has not been performed and unless detection via thermal desorption GC-MS is conducted, measurement of each compound will be proven difficult given the close relationship between hydrogen sulfide and the mercaptans. Anotec has successfully treated odorous emissions from bitumen tanks. . Anotec believe that treatment of the odours will prove to be relatively simple and cost effective : The recommendation in this case study mix the contents of the bitumen tank with Anotec’s PRO5L product. This product is fully miscible in oil and water and greatly reduces the perception and concentration of the odour by using Anotec’s unique odour profiling technology. This application does not require a delivery device or pump. The product is poured into the tank and the existing equipment, such as the blending blades, can mix the product in with the bitumen. RECOMMENDATIONS Anotec PRO5L o/p B – 5 Litres to be poured directly into the 300 tonne tank of bitumen product. It should be noted that the Anotec PRO5L is unique in its chemical stability and will not alter the chemistry of efficacy of the bitumen product.