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Mainly outdoor and industrial and munipical applications 



picture-featuredutilising unique and provel Odour Profiling technology 

A highly concentrated water soluble liquid phase odour control formulation. Anotec PRO5L is intended for use as a liquid additive to malodorous (smelly) solutions and acts as an odour profiling agent. Odours inherent in any base product are significantly reduced and/or eliminated without affecting the efficacy or chemistry of the client’s product. Also oil phase available up to 1000 Litre pack size.


Anotec 0307 is the standard odour control. Efficacies of the formulation are determined in the lab and onsite. Anotec 0307 formulations can be fogged, hand sprayed, misted or drip-fed depending on the application required. Anotec 0307 is fully miscible in water with scientifically chosen and blended surfactants, cosolvents , nature identical types and water. This blend, when applied via either a misting, fogging device or trigger sprayer bottle, alters the surface tension of the liquid/vapour compound. The primary action takes place at the chemical odour and Anotec 0307 interface.

available in 

1, 5, 25 , 200 and 1000 Litre package size


ABC air condintioning cleaning and control

3 step process in cleaning


Indoor odour control. NEW FRESH