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Odour control.

Surface treatment

Water Care

Household and commercial.

Anotec 0307

Anotec 0307 is the standard odour control. Site pecific odour control desined for ease of use and immediate effect. . This blend, when applied via either a misting, fogging device or trigger sprayer bottle, alters the surface tension of the liquid/vapor compound.

Anotec New Fresh

Anotec New Fresh Odour Control is formulated to treat odours such as tobacco, stale milk, vomit and general indoor odours. This product has a pleasant subtle fragrance and is used in hotels, common rooms, guest rooms, toilets, bathrooms and pet areas.


Anotec Blue

The most effective and economical liquid toilet additive on the market. Controls odours and break downs waste solids, like no other. Anotec Blue SFTY-100 liquid additive quickly neutralises offensive odours, and breaks down paper and waste. It uses ground-breaking chemical engineering technologies — a combination of Anotec’s technology and a catalytic waste breakdown process — to ensure your customers enjoy a fresh and clean smelling portable toilet for the duration of its hire. It also helps prevent blocked lines and pipes during pump-out and cleaning Call us +6129700 1222.

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