New technology Anotec Soil binder

ANOGUARD SOIL BINDER is the latest technology of soil binders / dust suppression or environmental binders which is ready-to-use or highly dilutable depending on the application.

ANOGUARD SOIL BINDER uses polymer technology to form a cross-linked matrix structure which penetrates and binds soil and other loose granular materials. Once the polymer dries it is completely inert, this cross-linked matrix will form a micro-film on the surface which can act as barrier that will minimise or prevent erosion.

ANOGUARD SOIL BINDER comes as a green or milky-white liquid which will either dry green or clear. Highly dilutable with water which can be applied at various concentrations.

Typical applications include.
• Road Works
• Remediation works or sites
• Contaminated sites
• Agriculture
• Mining applications
• Civil construction
• Residential
• Schools
• Odour control

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